Towcester town centre

The historic town of Towcester was once a thriving coaching route situated along the ancient Roman road, Watling Street, now the A5, that runs through the town.


Towcester is a market town in Northamptonshire. It is the administrative headquarters of the South Northamptonshire district council. Towcester lays claim to being one of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements in the country. A Roman garrison town called Lactodurum was established on the site of the present-day town.

The modern Towcester town has a population of around 12,000 and expansion plans could add a further 4,000 over the next few years and facilities and amenities are planned to grow with the town. 

Towcester Youth Engagement

Towcester Youth Engagement (TYE) is the name of SNYE's  steering group for youth provision in the town of Towcester

Working for the young people of Towcester


Community Fun Days, Youth Events and Play Days

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Community Fun Day

June 2019

Recreation Ground

Watermeadows Fun Day

April 2019

Towcester Watermeadows

Youth Event

October 2018

Recreation Ground

Community Fun Day

May 2018

Recreation Ground